812 Squadron Photographs, Page 3

Aerial photographs over Egypt by 812 Squadron, taken between 25th and 27th May 1945.

Aerial view of pyramids taken by 812 Squadron.

Aerial view of the sphinx taken by 812 Squadron.

S/L. J. Cookson 'lands on' in Barracuda 374/A (PM 949). Date unknown.

S/L. J. Cookson's Barracuda 374/A (PM 949) on the flight deck of HMS. Vengeance in Hong Kong, September 1945. HMS. Venerable and Victoria City in the background.

S/L. R. Parton's Barracuda 379/A (MX 695) being flown by S/L. J. Dickson out of Kai-Tak, Hong Kong on the 23rd November 1945.

S/L. 'Mush' Taylor has a heavy landing in Barracuda 381/A (PM 757) and the port undercarriage collapses on 28th November 1945.

As above and finally comes to a stop.

Barracuda's in formation over Hong Kong on the 14th December 1945. 1st Sub. Flight: Lt. 'Jock' Balfour, S/L. John Dickson and S/L. 'Mush' Taylor. 2nd Sub. Flight: S/L. 'Ace' Throssel, S/L. 'Stormy' Fairweather and S/L. Johnny Cookson.

Over Hong Kong, 14th December 1945. S/L. Throssel, S/L. Taylor, S/L. Cookson and S/L. Fairweather.

Barracuda coming into land, on 23rd December 1945 at Hong Kong. The Escort tender is in the background.

Chinese children inspect the inside of a Barracuda on the flight deck of HMS. Vengeance during the Christmas party aboard the ship in Hong Kong.

Barracuda 'lands on' catching No.5 arrester wire. Destroyer Escort in background.