812 Squadron Photographs, Page 2

Barracuda preparing for Assisted Take Off (ATO) HMS. Vengeance.

Barracuda taking off.

Barracuda lies dangerously over the side, off Gibraltar 1945.

Barracuda 'landing-on' HMS. Vengeance.

Barracuda at Malta between 20th March and 23rd April 1945.

Fairey Barracuda of 812 Squadron, ditched in the Sea off Malta due to an engine fire, on 4th April 1945.

Crew of Barracuda picked up safely, S/L. Hodgkinson (P), S/L. Boston (O) and Alan Hopper (TAG).

Squadron returning to HMS. Vengeance from Hal Far, Malta on 23rd April 1945.

Down safely, engine cut and a Barracuda picks up the wire on HMS. Vengeance. No.1 crash barrier top of photo.

S/L. J. Dickson landing on HMS. Vengeance, 10th May 1945.