812 Squadron Photographs, Page 4

Barracuda Mk.II's of No.812 Squadron in formation. Left bottom to top: 371/A, Not Numbered, 377/A. Right bottom to top: 373/A, 374/A, 370/A. Date and Location unknown.

Barracuda's from 812 Squadron, HMS. Vengeance in formation.

Barracuda of 812 Squadron and Corsair of 1850 Squadron. The remainder of the photo's on this page were taken between the 1st and 12th January 1946.

Preparing Barracuda for take-off.

380/A (MX 653) connected to the catapult for assisted take-off (ATO) for the last time, off Sydney, Australia on 12th January 1946.

Barracuda ready to go, off Sydney, Australia on 12th January 1946..

Barracuda take-off.

Barracuda approaching to land. Crash barrier in position.

Barracuda lands safely on right side of crash barrier.

Barracuda's on Flight Deck.

Air Mechanics with Barracuda.

The first Firefly crash. S/L. J. Cookson misses all the wires and into the barrier, on the 19th March 1946, off Sydney, Australia.