'Dex aie' - God aid

812 Squadron Photographs


Robbie Burns in 'Z' (Zebra) flying from Fearn to Ballyhalbert on 5th January 1945.

Barracuda's ranged ready for accelerating, HMS. Vengeance on 8th February 1945.

Barracuda Mk.II of No.812 Squadron landing on HMS. Vengeance. Escort tender in background.

Barracuda Mk.II of No.812 Squadron landing on HMS. Vengeance, other aircraft stacked, awaiting landing.

Barracuda returning from Ayr, about to 'ditch' in the Firth of Clyde, due to flap problems, on Sunday 4th March 1945. Pilot Lt. C. Wintringham (RNZNVR) and a 'new' Sub-Lieutenant, were picked up safely.

Barracuda landing, starboard under-carriage collapsed. Moray-Firth, March 1945.

A close call. The Barracuda rests on the Flight Deck edge. Moray-Firth, March 1945.

En-route to Malta, 16th March 1945. C.O. Coxon takes off to lead a 'dummy' attack on the Fleet.

HMS. Vengeance from the air, Barracuda turning in for the approach, March 1945.

Final letdown on the 'straight-a-way', speed 65-70 knots, Barracuda ready for landing on, HMS. Vengeance.

The cockpit controls of a Barracuda Mk.II.

Barracuda landing on HMS. Vengeance.