2006 Annual Reunion Photographs

The main display at the 2006 annual reunion.

(Left to right) Alex Fay, Eric Rayner and Tommy Rainbow, all of 1850 Squadron, meeting for the first time since 1945 at the reunion.

(Left) Sammy Scarsbrook (Stoker) and Harry Orton (812 Sqdn.) having a quiet beer.

(Left to right) Tommy Rainbow (1850 Sqdn.), Harry Orton (812 Sqdn.) and Alex Fay (1850 Sqdn.)

The 'First Commissioners' and their wives.  (Back row l to r)  Alex Fay, Sammy Scarsbrook, Trevor Cousins, Cliff Belham, Walter Barber, Reg Warner, Les Harris, Sam Harris, Ken Simon, John Davis, Mike Bradley and Harry Orton.  (Front row l to r)  Tommy Rainbow, Eric Rayner, Keith Lawrence, Mrs. Belham, Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Warner, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Davis and Jim Nelson.

Group photo of the Ship's company and Association members.

Group photo of Association members and their wives.

Kyle Davis at the reunion's main display.

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jackson (T.S. Vengeance) with Commander Lister of the submarine.

The Davis family at the reunion.


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