2004 Annual Reunion Photographs

Cleaning the bell in preparation for the reunion. (l to r) James Watling (Chairman), Derek 'Lew' Lewis (Secretary), Sam Harris (Writer), Ken Simon (Supply), Keith Lawrence (Radar) and Trevor Cousins (Radar).

The 2004 AGM. (l to r) Alan Moore (Treasurer), James Watling (Chairman) and Derek 'Lew' Lewis (Secretary).

The memorabilia collection, displaying items and photographs of the various Commissions.

Association members (l to r) Ron Davis Jnr. (Website Author),  Sammy Scarsbrook (Stoker),  George Russell (812 Sqdn.) and Harry Orton (812 Sqdn.)

Kevin Murphy (left) with Harry Orton (812 Sqdn.). Harry and Kevin's father, Trevor Murphy worked together in 812 Squadron.

The reunion dinner with members of the current HMS. Vengeance ship's company. Eric Rayner (1850 Sqdn.) far right.

Chairman James Watling presents George Russell (812 Sqdn.) with a gift for being the oldest member of the Association.

Chief Petty Officer David (Darby) Allan (left) and Ron Davis Jnr. with the ship's bell and standards.


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