HMS. Vengeance Personnel, Page 6

Japanese Envoy MAKEMURA under guard by Royal Marines, September 1945 in Hong Kong, to discuss the terms of surrender.

Royal Marines from HMS. Vengeance searching equipment belonging to Japanese prisoners of war, before being interned, September 1945.

Colonel TAKUNADA, Commandant of Prison Camps, Hong Kong in custody, leaving the Peninsula Hotel in September 1945. The arresting officer is either an Electrical Petty Officer from HMS. Vengeance, or a civilian Police Officer, just released from captivity. TAKUNADA's trouser belt and braces were removed to prevent escape and or suicide.

An allied prisoner of war found in Stanley POW Camp after HMS. Vengeance arrived in September 1945.

Indian prisoner of war found in Stanley POW Camp.

Platoon from HMS. Vengeance at Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong in 1945. Poon Wai Sang kneeling in front.

Radar Operator Lief, taken in Hong Kong on 7th December 1945.

Rear Admiral Harcourt broadcasts to the people of Hong Kong.

Vice Admiral Ruitaro OKUMA, signing the Japanese surrender of Hong Kong on the 16th September 1945. Commander Stokes (Cdr. Flying - HMS. Vengeance) is standing far left in background.

Major General UMEKICHI signing the Japanese surrender of Hong Kong in 16th September 1945.