Names List A - L

This list includes all the known* Ship's Company and Squadron Personnel for the First Commission's of the Ship (Home Waters and Operational) 1944 to 1946.

*This List is far from complete, HMS. Vengeance had a total Complement of 1,300 men.

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(In alphabetical order)



Nick Name




Dates Served


Adkin. T.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 1850 (P)

Feb.'45 -  

Alexander. F.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 812 (Ob)

Allen. J.   Shipwright MX 72910 Shipwright May.'46 - Jul.'46  
Anthony. R.   Air Mechanic   FAA 812 (E)    
Armitage. J.   Air Fitter   FAA 1850    

Ashton. R.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 812 (P)


Attenborough. D.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 1850 (P)

Feb'45 -  
Bailey. W.


Able Seaman   Supply    
Bains. ?.


Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Baker. G.       Artificer (Engine) Jan.'46 - Searching for
Baldwin. A. 'Tubby' Able Seaman KX 128573 Stoker Nov.'45 -  

Balfour. A.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 812 (P)

Balsam. H.


Petty Officer FX 86991 FAA 812 (TAG)

- Nov.'44


Banks. B.


Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Banks. ?.


Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic    

Barber. W.


Able Seaman

JX 710708


Jan.'45 - Aug.'47


Bardner. E.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 1850 (P)

Feb.'45 - Apr.'45 Killed
Barlow. R. 'Yank' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Barlow. ?.


Lieutenant   Bats Officer (Air)    
Barnes. ?. 'Chopper' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Barrett. G.   Able Seaman JX 374519  

- Oct.'45

Barron. ?. 'Barney' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Bastard. P.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Baynes. P.   Able Seaman JX 724793 FAA 812 (Safety) Jun.'46 - Aug.'46  
Beaumont. L.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Bell. H. 'Daisy Bell' Able Seaman JX 699676 Seaman Dec.'44 - Jul.'47 Deceased
Bellam. C.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Bennett. K.       Royal Marines   Deceased
Bennit. K.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Best. G.   Commander   Supply (Pay)    

Birch. J.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 812 (P)

- Apr.'45

Birch. ?.       Master at Arms    
Birch. ?.   Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic    
Bissland. N.


Air Mechanic FX 684523 FAA 812 (E) Mar.'46 - Oct.'46  
Blakey. S.


Petty Officer FX 96812 FAA 812 (P)

- Jul.'44


Blair. W.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)   Searching for
Bloom. L.   Able Seaman JX 540543 Torpedoman Dec.'44 - Mar'46  

Bloxam. R.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 1850 (P)

Feb.'45 -  Deceased
Bocutt. W.   Able Seaman JX 539994 Seaman Dec.'44 - Mar.'46 Deceased
Bond. R.   Petty Officer   Regulating    
Booth. T.   Technician   Sick Bay    

Boston. R.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 812 (Ob)


Borthwick. S.


Sub. Lt.


FAA 1850 (P)

Feb.'45 - Deceased
Boyde. ?.   Chief P.O.   Supply    
Boyle. J.   Naval Airman   FAA 1850 Mar.'45 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Boyle. ?.   Lieutenant   Executive    

Bradley. M.


Air Mechanic


FAA 1850

Sept.'45 - Aug.'46

Braham. K.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Bristow. B.   Able Seaman   Supply    

Bristow. S.




FAA 812 (P)

Britain. A.   Artificer SFX 220 FAA 812 (A) Jan.'45 - Mar.'46 Deceased
Broad. W. 'Bill' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Broadbent. C.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Brook. D. 'Bambi' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)   Deceased
Brooks. W.   Air Repair   FAA 1850 / 812   Deceased
Brown. A.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Brown. D.   L/Radio Mech MX 731145 Radar Jan.'46 - Jul.'46  
Brown. G.   Sub. Lt.   Executive    
Buist. V.


Air Mechanic FX 606732 FAA (E) 812 May.'46 - Aug.'46  
Burge. J.   Mast. at Arms   Regulating    
Burman. H.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)    
Burns. J.   Able Seaman KX 144990 Stoker (1st Class)

- Jan.'46

Burns. R. 'Robbie' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Burt. J.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 -  
Butler. J.   Able Seaman. KX 664036 Stoker 1st Class Nov.'45 - Jan. '47 Deceased
Butler. L. 'Cat' Able Seaman   Radar    
Butterworth. J.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Campbell. ?.       Radar Mechanic    
Carter. F. 'Titch' Air Mechanic FX 113822 FAA

- Sept.'46

Carter. ?.       FAA 812 (TAG)    
Cartlidge. F.   Seaman      


Casey. ?.   Petty Officer   FAA 812 (TAG)    
Caster. E.   Petty Officer MX 95146 Engine Room Mech. Feb.'45 - Dec.'45


Cathcart. G. 'Red' Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 - Jan.'46 Deceased
Charlton. ?.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Charlton. E. 'Ted' Seaman MX 605840 Stores Assistant Dec'45 - Nov'46 Deceased
Cheers. F.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)

- Oct.'45

Churchill. B.


    FAA 812 (TAG)    
Clark. F.   Able Seaman   Signals    
  'Cockney' Air Mechanic   FAA 812 (L)    
Coles. ?.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Collinge. V. 'Jumper' Petty Officer PO/X 269 FAA Stores Dec.'44 - Jul.'45 Deceased
Collins. B.   Petty Officer   Writer    
Collis-Squires. P.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Comfort. B.   Petty Officer FX 106366 FAA 812


Conisbee. A.   L/Seaman   Writer Feb.'45 - Oct.'45 Deceased
Conway. R.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Cowie. A.   Air Repair   FAA 1850 / 812    
Cook. E.


Able Seaman   Supply    
Cookson. J. 'Crasher' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Cooper. ?.   Sub Lt.   FAA 812 (?)    
Cottle. ?.   Chief P.O.   FAA 812    
Courtis. S.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 - Deceased
Cousins. T.   Able Seaman   Radar Operator Dec.'44 -Sept.'46 Deceased
Cowell. T.   Able Seaman   Seaman Nov.'44 - Feb.'46  
Cox. G.   Ord. Seaman JX 393293 Seaman    
Coxon. C. 'Oboe' Lt. Cdr. (A)   FAA 812 (P) (CO) Jan.'45 - Jan.'46 Deceased
Crawley. L.   Able Seaman MX 88114 Supply Aug.'44 - Feb.'46 Deceased
Cross. A. 'Al' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Crosthwaite. M.


Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)

- Nov.'44


Curran. ?.   Petty Officer   Cook    
Daniels. J.


L/Air Mech. FX 101602 FAA 1850 Feb.'45 - Jan.'46


Davice. W.


Air Mechanic FX 561523 FAA         (L) Jan.'45 - Jan.'46


Davidson. C. 'Jock' Petty Officer FX 560181 Radio Mechanic    
Davis. J.   Able Seaman   Torpedoman Jul.'45 - Aug.'46  
Davis. R.   Air Mechanic FX 685807 FAA 1850 (E) Feb.'45 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Davis. ?.   Technician   Sick Bay    
Davies. H. 'The Bloke' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (O)    
Davies. E.   Surg. Lt. Cdr.   Medical Officer    
Davies. J.   Able Seaman MX 740092 Cook Mar.'46 - Jul.'46  
Davies. R?.       Radar Mechanic    
Davies. ?.


Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic    
Daw. A.


Able Seaman JX 734084 Radar Oct.'44 - Sept.'46  
Day. F. 'Happy' Air Repair   FAA 1850 / 812    
Deighton. ?.   Chief P.O.   Writer    
Demaine. V.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Dewsnap. T. 'Tommy' Lieutenant   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Dickson. J. 'Dicky' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P) Jan.'45 - Aug.'46  
Dixon. C.       Photographer   Deceased
Dixon. H.   Air Mechanic FX 685300 FAA 1850 Nov.'45 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Dixon. ?.   Air Fitter   FAA 1850    
Digby. J. 'Digger' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P) Jan.'45 - Nov.'45 Deceased
Dowdswell. G.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Downes. K. 'Chiefie' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Downey. D.   Able Seaman   Steward Dec.'44 -     '47 Deceased
Downie. G. 'Jock' Air Mechanic   FAA 812 Fitter    
Duffy. ?.   Air Mechanic   FAA 812 (A)    
Dunbar. M. 'Darkie' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Dunn. G.   Sub. Lt.   Electrical    
Durkin. L.


L/Air Mech.

FX 94728

FAA 812 (E) Jan.'45 - Dec.'45


Edwards. C.   Commander   Executive    
Edwards. G.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Edwards. ?.   Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic    
Edwards. ?.


L/Air Mech.   FAA 1850 (O)    
Elliott. B.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 - Deceased
Elliott. K.   Able Seaman   Cook Mar'45 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Ellison. ?. 'Pop' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Emanuel. T.   Lt. Cdr.   1st Lieutenant    
Empson. L.   Lt. Cdr.   Bats Officer (Air)    
English. F.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 -  
Exley. R.   Sub. Lt.   Seaman    
Fairweather. D. 'Stormy' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Farrer. D.   Captain   Royal Marines    
Fay. A. 'Alice' Air Mechanic FX 572730 FAA 1850 (E) Feb.'45 - Mar.'46 Deceased
Fenn. F.   Able Seaman   Seaman Dec.'44 - Aug.'47  
Fenwick. C.   Commander   Ordnance (O)    
Finch. ?.


Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Fisher. E.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Fisher. J.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Flint. R.   Lieutenant   FAA 1850 (AEO) Jun.'45 - Sept.'45  
Foley. W.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Fraser. A. 'Lofty' Petty Officer FX 611495 FAA Radio Oct.'44 - Apr.'46  
Fry. A.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850   Deceased
Fuggles. K.   Technician   Sick Bay    
Fyles. A. 'Alfie' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Gall. A.   Artificer MX 693921 Engine Room Dec.'44 -May'46 Deceased
Garwood. A.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Gee. H.


Naval Airman FX 113634 FAA 812 (TAG)    
George. P.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 -  
Gilham. ?.   Chief P.O.   Cook    
Gillingham. K.   Rigger   FAA 812    
Gossage. R. 'Ron'     FAA    
Gould. F.   Air Repair   FAA 1850 / 812    
Gould. L.   L/Air Mech.   FAA 1850 (O)    
Graham. P. 'Jock' Able Seaman JX 557597 Radar Jan.'46 - Sept.'46 Deceased
Gray. G.   Petty Officer   Supply    
Green. C. 'Jimmy' Seaman MX 725781 Cook Sept.'45 - Sept.'46 Deceased
Green. E.   Air Repair   FAA 1850 / 812   Searching for
Green. ?.   Able Seaman   Seaman    
Greenwood. G.   Technician   Sick Bay    
Griffin. R.   Petty Officer   FAA 1850 (O) Feb.'45 - Deceased
Grimwood. P.   Lieutenant   FAA 1850 (AEO)

               - Jun.'45

Grose. D.   Air Mechanic FX 560431 FAA 812 (L) Jan.'45 - Jan.'46  
Hall. K.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (A)    
Hamer. J. 'Jack' Able Seaman   Gunnery   Deceased
Halliwell. T       Radar   Searching for
Hamill. V. 'Hammy' Petty Officer FX 112752 FAA 812 (TAG)

- Apr.'45

Hammond. G.   Ord. Seaman JX 656703 Seaman

- Feb.'45

Harris. D.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Harris. L.   Air Repair (L) FX 110951 FAA 1850 / 812 Nov.'44 - May.'46 Deceased
Harris. S.   Petty Officer MX 738218 Writer Jan.'45 - Jan.'47  
Harris. ?.


Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic   Searching for
Havard. L.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850 (E)    
Hawkesworth. H.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Hay. G.   Sub. Lt.   Adjutant - 1850   Deceased
Haynes. F. 'Zunk' Able Seaman JX 657321 Seaman Dec.'44 - May.'47 Deceased
Heeley. T.   Air Repair (E) FX 106259 FAA 1850 / 812 Nov.'44 - Jan.'46  
Hemmings. G.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Hennessey. R.   Petty Officer   FAA 812 (TAG)   Searching for
Hern. B.   Able Seaman        
Heywood. W.   Able Seaman   Stores Dec.'44 - Sept.'46  
Hill. R.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Hodgkinson. G.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Hodgson. P.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)   Deceased
Hodgson. ?.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (?)    
Hollway. A.   Able Seaman     Dec.'44 - Oct.'47  
Holmes. P.   Able Seaman   Supply    
Honeyman. ?.       FAA 812 (TAG)    
Hooker. G.   L/Air Mech. FX 578387 FAA Jun.'45 - Jan '46  
Hoskins. H.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Hudson. P.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) HMS. Venerable Killed (R04)
Hughes. C.   Able Seaman   Seaman    
Hughes. G.   Petty Officer FX 114001 FAA 812 (TAG)

- Nov.'44


Humphries. B.   Able Seaman   Writer    
Hunt. B.   Leading Hand JX 147715 Gunnery Dec.'44 - Aug.'47


Hunt. S.


Petty Officer FX 96986 FAA 812 (P)

- Nov.'44


Hunt. W.   Petty Officer   PT Instructor   Searching for
Hunt. ?.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (?)    
Huntley. K.


L/Seaman KX 136879 Leading Stoker Dec.'44 - Mar.'46  
Hutchinson. K.


    FAA 812 (TAG)    
Huxley. ?.   Sub. Lt.   Education    
Icke. K.   Able Seaman   Writer    
Jackson. J.   Lieutenant   Executive   RNVR
James. D.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Jennings. M.   Air Mechanic FX 611243 FAA        (A) Feb.'46 - Aug.'46  
Joblin. A.   Petty Officer   Writer    
Johnson. H.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (P)    
Johnson. J. 'Johnny' Able Seaman   Writer   Searching for
Johnson. S. 'Sid' Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Jones. D. 'Taffy' Petty Officer   Supply    
Jones. ?. 'Taffy' Technician   Sick Bay    
Jones. J.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)    
Kay. L.


Able Seaman   Radar Jan.'45 -


Kennedy. D.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 812 (Ob)    
Kiernan. E.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P)    
King. G.   Petty Officer   Radio Mechanic    
Kinsella. ?.   Sub. Lt.   Engineer    
Kissack. G.   Able Seaman MX 739470 Supply Sept.'45 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Knight. ?. 'Ginger' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Laine. J.   Sub. Lt.   FAA 1850 (P) Feb.'45 - Deceased
Lambert. K.   Able Seaman   Writer    
Lawrence. J. 'Blondie' Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    
Lawrence. K.   Able Seaman   Radar    
Laycock. H.   Commander   Engineer (E)    
Lees. H. 'Nev' Petty Officer MX 600265 Radar Mechanic Jan.'46 - Jun.'46  
Leslie. W. 'Bill' Able Seaman MX 708831 Cook Dec.'44 - Aug.'46 Deceased
Lilley. ?.   Petty Officer   FAA 812 (TAG)    
Lindsell. W.   Leading Hand   Writer    
Littlejohn. H.


Able Seaman JX 351778 Torpedoman Dec.'44 - Apr.'46  
Lock. P. 'Snowdrop' Lieutenant   Engineer (E)

             - Jun.'45

Locke. C.   Lt. Cdr.   Torpedo    
Long. T.   Chief P.O.   FAA 1850    
Lowe. R.   Air Mechanic   FAA 1850    


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