Lost Service Pals Form

Please complete the on-line 'Lost Service Pals' form fully, for 'HMS. Vengeance Lost Pals' which will be retained by the web site and checked with all other incoming forms. Obviously the more details you can provide of your 'lost pal', the better chances there are of finding him. If and when, we get a match you will be notified by e-mail, it's then up to you to do the rest........

When you have completed the form, click on the 'Submit Form' button to send.

To assist you in completing the Form, the 'Details' need to consist of the following:  Full Name - Nickname - Rank - Branch - Service Number - Served From - Served To - Originated From - Last Known Location - Last Seen (place / year) - Any Other Details.

Good Luck with your Search

The details you provided are for the Lost Service Pals purposes ONLY and are not disclosed to any third parties without your permission