Lost Service Pals


Did you serve (or a relative serve) on ANY Commission or Squadron with HMS.Vengeance between 1944 and 1956?.

Are you trying to locate any of your Service Pals from HMS. Vengeance or her Squadron's between 1944 and 1956?.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and would like to try and find a particular pal, then make a start here by trying to find them. We do not offer you any guarantees or sureties of finding an individual, but at least YOU are taking the first step in trying to trace THEM.

Option One

Complete the on-line 'Lost Service Pals' Form, for HMS. Vengeance which is retained by the Web site and checked with all incoming forms. The more details you can provide for your 'pal', the better the chances of finding him. If and when, we get a match you will be notified by e-mail, it's then up to you to do the rest!! Note: The e-mail address you provide is specifically for the purpose of notifying/contacting you, we do not use or sell your e-mail address for any other purposes, other than in connection with this Web site. Your privacy is paramount.

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Option Two

Use the on-site 'Message Board' to post a message in search for your 'pal'. Again, the more detail you provide, the better chance of finding him. By checking the 'e-mail' box, you will automatically be notified when someone responds to your message. Note: Your e-mail address is accessable and may be used by 'spammers'.

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Option Three

Use the 'Links' below to search these sites for your 'pal'. With the details you provide a search will be made of their databank and any 'possibles' will be given to you. Note: Some of these sites may require you to register before using the search facilities.

Click on any of the Links below

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Comrades in Arms Reunited

Comrades and Colleagues

Forces Reunited

Forces Web

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Missing Linkz (Forces)

Old Friends

Old Oppos

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Ships Company

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