H.M.S. Vengeance Photographs, Page 2

Interior of the chapel onboard HMS. Vengeance.

HMS. Vengeance in Grand Harbour, Malta between April and May 1945. The other aircraft carrier is possibly HMS. Venerable.

An Italian Destroyer (Edmundo Monticolli?) captured by HMS. Vengeance and towed into Valletta Harbour, Malta between March and April 1945. The Destroyers generators were out of action and a power supply was connected from HMS. Vengeance. The Destroyer was later used to ferry Officer's and Ship's Company to Sicily for R & R.

The infamous 'Gut' Straight Street, Malta.

HMS. Vengeance, lit up in Grand Harbour, Malta on the 8th May 1945. (VE Day).

HMS. Vengeance moored off Alexandria, Egypt on 22nd May 1945.

The Australian and New Zealand war memorial at Port Said.

Pilot boat alongside as HMS. Vengeance enters the Suez Canal.

The Australian War Memorial on the bank of the Suez Canal.