H.M.S. Vengeance Itinerary

13th August 1946 - 13th December 1956


ROSYTH COMMAND: (December 1946 - August 1948)

30.08.46. At Devonport for re-fit.

14.12.46. Refit completed.

19.12.46. Basin trials on main machinery.

11.01.47. Departed Devonport. Engine trials between Plymouth Sound and Isle of Wight.

21.01.47. Arrester gear trials with aircraft from RNAS. Ford.

22.01.47. Arrived Spithead. Flying trials completed.

28.01.47. To Rosyth, relieving HMS. Theseus.

31.01.47. Arrived at Rosyth to begin duty as a Home Fleet Training Carrier.

11.02.47. Flying training off Scotland's east coast. (No.767 Training Squadron).

00.03.47. Flying training in North Sea and off the north coast of Ireland.

22.03.47. Arrived Belfast.

27.03.47. Arrived Rosyth. Maintenance.

07.05.47. Departed Rosyth, sailed for Bangor Bay.

28.05.47. Arrived Rosyth.

00.05.47. No. 807 Squadron (12 Seafire 17's) embarked from Lee-on-Solent for the Summer Cruise to Norway.

03.06.47. Departed Rosyth for Oslo, (Norway Cruise) flying the flag of the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir John Cunningham who was visiting Norway as guest of the Royal Norwegian Navy. Escorted by the destroyers HMS. Cadiz and HMS. Sluys.

05.06.47. Arrived Oslo. Visits to Kristiansand, Trondheim, Mosjoen, Mo and Bodo.

10.06.47. Departed Oslo.

11.06.47. Arrived Tromso.

12.06.47. Arrived Bergen.

22.06.47. Departed Norway.

25.06.47. Arrived Rosyth. First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir John Cunningham disembarks.

25.06.47. Departed Rosyth to North Sea. Liased with HMS. Duke of York, HMS. Diadem, HMS. Roberts, HMS. Blencathra, HMS. Fernie and HMS. Nepal for air defence exercises with the RAF.

28.06.47. Arrived Rosyth.

02.07.47. Departed Rosyth. Sailed to Pentland Firth and Clyde area.

04.07.47. Anchored at Lamlash. Painting and maintenance in preparation for Clyde Fleet Review.

17.07.47. Morecambe Bay - flying exercises with aircraft from RNAS. Eglinton.

18.07.47. Arrived Moray Firth and Clyde, in Review position with 3 battleships, 2 aircraft carriers and 5 cruisers, which visited the Clyde to express appreciation for the help that the Royal Navy received from Clydeside during the war. It was the first peacetime visit of the Home Fleet since 1912.

19.07.47. Ship opened to visitors.

21.07.47. Full dress rehearsal for Clyde Fleet Review.

23.07.47. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visit the ship and took salute of 1,200 Officers and Ratings.

26.07.47. Departed Clyde. Exercises in North Sea with HMS. Duke of York.

04.08.47. Arrived Portsmouth. No. 807 Squadron disembarked. Refit - 6 weeks dry dock. Under orders to join the British Pacific Fleet.

16.09.47. Departed Portsmouth. No. 802 Squadron (Seafires) and No. 814 Squadron (Seafire 17's) embarked. To Greenock, flying ops.

27.10.47. Arrived River Clyde, Glasgow. King George V Docks loading stores and deck cargo.

31.10.47. Sailed for the Mediterranean. (British Pacific Fleet).

06.11.47. Departed Gibraltar for Malta.

10.11.47. No. 802 Squadron disembarked to Takali as the ship was required for trooping duties.

11.11.47. Arrived Grand Harbour, Malta.

20.11.47. Departed Malta, for Suez Canal.

28.11.47. Arrived Aden.

29.11.47. Departed Aden.

06.12.47. Arrived Trincomalee.

13.12.47. Arrived Singapore.

23.12.47. Arrived Hong Kong.

03.01.48. Departed Hong Kong.

05.02.48. Arrived Suez Canal.

09.02.48. Arrived Malta.

14.02.48. Departed Malta.

23.02.48. Arrived Plymouth.

23.02.48. Departed Plymouth.

23.02.48. Arrived Clyde.

01.03.48. Arrived Portsmouth - alongside for 7 weeks.

19.04.48. Departed Portsmouth. Operating in Irish Sea.

21.04.48. Arrived Rosyth. De-ammunition prior to refit in dry dock.

03.05.48. Refit at Rosyth.

29.07.48. Refit completed.

31.07.48 - 01.08.48. Navy Days at Rosyth.

HOME FLEET: (August 1948 - August 1951)

05.08.48. Departed Rosyth. Western Isles and Northern waters with HMS. Alamein and HMS. Barrosa.

09.08.48. No. 802 Squadron embarked (now re-equipped with Sea Furies, from Eglinton) and No. 814 Squadron with Fireflies, for work-up.

20.08.48. Arrived Belfast with HMS. Barrosa.

00.09.48. Flying Ops. in North Sea.

15.09.48. Departed Moray Firth for Portland.

18.09.48. Arrived Portland Harbour.

23.09.48. Departed Portland for the Autumn Cruise to the West Indies and South Africa, with HMS.Theseus, HMS. Gabbard, HMS. Jutland, HMS. St.Kitts and HMS. Loch Arkaig.

05.10.48. Arrived Freetown.

07.10.48. Departed Freetown.

08.10.48. Crossed the Line.

09.10.48. Arrived at Takeradi, Gold Coast.

18.10.48. Arrived Cape Town. Air Group disembarked. Duncan Dock. Seven of the Sea Furies flew 2000 miles around Africa on a goodwill flight.

26.10.48. Departed Cape Town. Air Group embarked.

28.10.48. Arrived East London.

01.11.48. Departed East London.

02.11.48. Arrived Durban.

08.11.48. Departed Durban.

11.11.48. Arrived Cape Town.

12.11.48. Gold Bullion loaded for the Bank of England.

16.11.48. Departed Cape Town, for the Azores. Exercises en-route.

03.12.48. Liased with HMS. Illustrious, HMS. Duke of York and HMS. Cleopatra.

12.12.48. Arrived Portland Harbour.

13.12.48. Departed Portland Harbour.

16.12.48. Arrived Portsmouth. D Lock for alterations and additions, prior to 'Operation Rusty'. Gold Bullion unloaded.

19.01.48. Departed Portsmouth. Flying Ops.

31.01.49. Arrived Portland.

05.02.49. Departed Portland. Arctic Cruise ('Operation Rusty') to study the effects of very cold weather conditions on naval personnel and materials. Accompanied by HMS. Gabbard and later joined by HMS. St. Kitts, HMS. Loch Arkaig, HMS. Artful and RFA. Wave Premier. Air Group embarked. No. 802 Squadron (6 Sea Furies) and No. 814 Squadron (9 Fireflies) for Artic Trials. The complete air group comprised of 6 Sea Furies, 9 Firefly AS.4's, 2 Barracudas, 2 Vampires, 2 Firebrands, 2 Sea Otters and 1 Sikorsky helicopter and was known as the 7 CAG.

15.02.49. Bow of ship damaged by ice.

05.03.49. Artic Trial ('Operation Rusty') completed.

08.03.49. Arrived Rosyth. No. 802 Squadron disembarked to Culdrose and No. 814 Squadron to Lossiemouth.

28.03.49. Refit in Rosyth. No.2 Dry Dock. Ice damage repaired.

14.07.49. Departed No.2 Dry Dock. Main Basin Rosyth Dockyard.

19.08.49. Refit completed.

23.08.49. Departed Rosyth. Engine Trials in North Sea.

30.08.49. Arrived Penzance area. Flying Trials.

07.09.49. Arrived Portland Harbour.

08.09.49. The flag of Rear Admiral C.E. Lambe (Flag Officer 3rd ACS) transferred from HMS. Theseus. Flying Ops. in South Western Approaches, with HMS. Gabbard.

16.09.49. Arrived Portsmouth.

19.09.49. Departed Portsmouth. Home Fleet Autumn Cruise. Flying Ops. Scotland's east coast and off Norway. No. 802 Squadron re-embarked, but troubles were experienced with the aircraft's undercarriages and the Squadron returned to shore.

00.09.49. No. 802 Squadron re-embarked for the final exercise of the Autumn Cruise.

04.10.49. At Invergordon taking part in exercises.

06.10.49. C-in-C Home Fleet, Admiral Sir Rhoderick McGrigor visits ship.

00.11.49. No. 802 Squadron disembarked to Culdrose.

11.11.49. Arrived Portland.

11.11.49. Departed Portland. Liased with HMS. Implacable, convoy escort exercises.

21.11.49. Arrived Portsmouth, for maintenance.

00.12.49. Repairs at Portsmouth.

10.01.50. Repairs completed.

23.01.50. Departed Portsmouth.

29.01.50. Home Fleet Spring Cruise. No. 802 Squadron (Sea Furies) embarked from Culdrose. Liased with HMS. Implacable, HMS. Victorious, HMS. Vanguard, HMS. Superb, HMS. Alamein, HMS. Gabbard, HMS. Cadiz and HMS. St. James.

02.02.50. Arrived Gibraltar. Visits to Palmas Bay, Leghorn and Cagliari. Exercises in the Mediterranean until late March.

27.03.50. Departed Gibraltar.

31.03.50. Arrived Portsmouth. No. 802 Squadron disembarked to Culdrose.

08.05.50. Departed Portsmouth.

10.05.50. In the English Channel, embarked 15 CAG: No. 809 Squadron (Sea Hornet NF 21's) from Culdrose and No. 814 Squadron (Fireflies) from Culdrose. Night flying ops.

15.05.50. The C.O. of No. 809 Squadron made the first night time deck landing in a twin engined aircraft.

17.06.50. Air Group disembarked. No. 809 Squadron to Arbroath.

18.06.50. Arrival Rosyth. Maintenance - 2 weeks.

04.07.50. Departed Rosyth. No. 809 & No. 814 Squadron's re-embark. Flying Ops.

05.07.50. Took part in 'War' exercises in the Irish Sea and Scapa Flow.

00.07.50. Visit to Stravanger. Ship open to the public.

18.07.50. Six day visit to Oslo.

27.07.50. Arrived Portsmouth. No. 809 Squadron disembarked to Culdrose. Refit - Dry Dock - 3 weeks.

15.08.50. Refit completed.

04.09.50. Departed Portsmouth. No. 802 Squadron (Sea Furies) embarked from Yeovilton. No. 773 Squadron (Dragonfly helicopter) embarked and some Sea Vampire T.20's for interception exercises by pilots of the Carrier Trials Unit.

00.09.50. Arrived Plymouth Sound. Anchored.

15.09.50. Home Fleet Summer & Autumn Cruise. Liased with HMS. Swiftsure and HMS. Vanguard. To Gibraltar.

20.09.50. Arrived Gibraltar. Liased with HMS. Glory. Flying exercises in area.

12.10.50. Departed Gibraltar for further exercises in the Mediterranean. Visits to Cape Verda Islands, Porto Grande and Casablanca.

02.11.50. Arrived Gibraltar.

09.11.50. Departed Gibraltar. Night exercises with HMCS. Magnificent, HMCS. Huron and HMCS. Micmac.

00.11.50. No. 802 Squadron disembarked.

14.11.50. Arrived Plymouth Sound. Customs board.

15.11.50. Departed Plymouth Sound.

16.11.50. Arrived Portsmouth. South Railway Jetty.

20.11.50. Departed Portsmouth. Exercises with No. 802 & No. 814 Squadrons.

08.12.50. Arrived Portsmouth. Refit.

09.01.51. Refit completed.

15.01.51. Departed Portsmouth. Temporarily relieved HMS. Illustrious as a 'Trials and Training Carrier'. No. 53 Training Air Group embark. Exercises in the English Channel, Irish Sea and Bangor Bay.

29.01.51. Arrived Penzance.

29.01.51. Departed Penzance. Flying Ops. in Channel.

10.02.51. Arrived Portsmouth.

13.02.51. Departed Portsmouth. Flying Ops. in Channel.

23.02.51. Arrived Portsmouth. Maintenance - alongside Pitch House Jetty.

02.04.51. Maintenance completed.

16.04.51. Departed Portsmouth. Exercises in the English Channel and Bangor Bay.

28.04.51. Arrived Plymouth.

01.05.51. Departed Plymouth. Embarked 7 NCAG (Night Carrier Air Group) of No. 809 Squadron (Sea Hornet NF.21's) and No. 814 Squadron (Firefly F.1 and AS.6's). Due to serious problems with the Sea Hornets landing, they were disembarked after only 12 days. HMS. Cadiz and HMS. Zest. Exercises in the Channel between Plymouth and Land's End.

03.05.51. BBC Radio programme 'Life in a Carrier'.

01.06.51. Arrived Devonport.

04.06.51. Departed Devonport. Night exercises in the Channel. HMS. Cadiz and HMS. Broadsword.

13.06.51. 'Exercise Unite' begins. Includes 30 ships and 18 submarines, some of which were Dutch in the Irish Sea and South Western Approaches.

27.06.51. No. 801 Squadron (Sea Fury FB.II's) embarked from Lee-on-Solent.

29.06.51. 'Exercise Unite' completed. Anchored at Greenock. No. 801 Squadron disembarked to Lee-on-Solent.

01.07.51. Flying Ops. in Northern Waters. HMS. Indomitable.

13.07.51. Arrived Portsmouth.

17.07.51. Departed Portsmouth. Liased with HMS. Gabbard, HMS. Matapan and HMS. St. James.

18.07.51. Arrived off Southend-on-Sea pier for five day visit for the Festival of Britain. Ship open to visitors. Approx. 15,000+ visitors boarded HMS. Vengeance in the 5 days. A ship's dance was held at the Kursall Ballroom, with music provided by the ships Royal Marine Band.

25.07.51. Arrived Sheerness.

26.07.51. Departed Sheerness.

27.07.51. Arrived Portsmouth. Air Group disembarked.

00.08.51. Ship transferred to Portsmouth Command.

PORTSMOUTH COMMAND: (August 1951 - December 1952)

00.08.51. Refit at Portsmouth - Dry Dock - for duty as a Far East Troopship (as HMS. Warrior).

20.01.52. Departed Portsmouth. Refit completed.

21.01.52. Arrived Glasgow. Loaded stores and boarded personnel.

21.01.52. Departed Glasgow. First Far East Trooping trip, carrying aircraft and men for Singapore.

18.02.52. Arrived Singapore.

28.03.52. Arrived Portsmouth. Refit to prepare ship for aircraft transport work.

16.05.52. Refit completed.

00.06.52. Departed Portsmouth. Conveying aircraft to Malta.

04.06.52. Departed Malta with troops.

20.06.52. Departed Portsmouth, for Singapore. Further Trooping duties in the Far East.

01.07.52. Arrived Aden.

08.07.52. Departed Aden for Singapore.

12.08.52. Arrived Malta.

20.08.52. Departed Malta.

28.08.52. Arrived Portsmouth.

15.09.52. Departed Portsmouth.

22.09.52. Arrival Devonport. Refit (for loan to the Royal Australian Navy).

13.11.52. Taken over by the Royal Australian Navy. Re-commissioned as HMAS. Vengeance.

ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY: (January 1953 - August 1955)

02.01.53. Refit completed.

14.01.53. Departed Devonport for Portland. Embarked 3 Bristol Sycamores on first stage of journey to Australia.

22.01.53. Departed Portland.

11.03.53. Arrived Sydney.

04.05.53. Arrived Garden Island. Refit.

00.05.53. No. 805, No. 850 (Sea Fury) and No. 816 (Firefly) Squadrons (RAN) began working-up procedures for Korean War service.

00.06.53. The above 3 Squadron's embarked on HMAS. Vengeance.

00.07.53. Squadron's worked up to efficiency. HMAS. Vengeance not required in Korea, HMAS. Sydney going instead.

08.09.53. Arrived Sydney.

00.09.53. No. 805, No. 850 and No. 816 Squadrons transferred to HMAS. Sydney.

00.10.53. Exercises in Harvey Bay.

00.11.53. Arrived Melbourne.

00.11.53. Arrived Sydney. Refit.

07.01.54. Refit completed.

00.04.54. Arrived Darwin.

00.06.54. Arrived Sydney. Refit.

04.07.54. Refit completed.

00.10.54. Exercises in Harvey Bay.

00.11.54. Arrived Melbourne. Then into Japanese waters.

00.12.54. Arrived Sydney. Annual refit.

00.02.55. Refit completed.

00.04.55. Decision made to return HMAS. Vengeance to the Royal Navy.

16.06.55. Departed Sydney for the U.K., via Singapore and Suez.

PORTSMOUTH COMMAND: (August 1955 - November 1955)

05.08.55. Arrived Portsmouth.

13.08.55. Arrived Devonport. Returned to the Royal Navy - HMS. Vengeance.

09.11.55. Reduced to Class 3 Reserve.

RESERVE FLEET: (December 1955 - January 1957)

00.12.55. In Reserve at Devonport (extended notice) under the administration of the Senior Officer Reserve Fleet, Plymouth.

13.12.56. Purchased by the Brazilian Government.

With thanks to the Royal Navy Historical Branch and L/Cdr. J. Straczek (RAN) for the information.


COMMANDING OFFICERS HMS. Vengeance (1946 - 1955)

Captain D.M.L. Neame DSO. RN. 23rd February 1944 - 20th August 1946.

Captain J.T.H. Crombie DSO. RN. 20th August 1946 - 12th March 1948.

Captain J. Terry CBE. MVO. RN. 12th March 1948 - 28th June 1949.

Captain J.W. Cuthbert RN. 28th June 1949 - 17th August 1950.

Captain R. Gotto CBE. DSO. RN. 17th August 1950 - 10th January 1952.

Captain H.C.N. Rolfe RN. 10th January 1952 - 7th May 1952.

Captain G.T. Coney RN. 7th May 1952 - 8th August 1952.

Captain H.M. Burrell RAN. 2nd October 1952 - 24th August 1954.

Captain O.H. Becher DSO. DSC. RAN. 25th August 1954 - 13th August 1955.


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