Royal Navy Prayer


O Eternal Lord God, who alone spreadest out the heavens and rulest the raging of the sea; who hast compassed the waters with bounds until the day and night come to an end; Be pleased to receive into thy Almighty and most gracious protection the persons of us thy servants and the Fleet in which we serve. Preserve us from the dangers of the sea and from the violence of the enemy; that we may be a safeguard unto our most gracious Sovereign Lord, King GEORGE and his Dominions and a security for such as pass on the seas upon their lawful occasions; that the inhabitants of our Island may in peace and quietness serve thee our God and that we may return in safety to enjoy the blessings of the land, with the fruits of our labours and with a thankful remembrance of thy mercies to praise and glorify thy holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Book of Common Prayer.

The Fleet Air Arm Prayer


O God, who dwells above the water and has the power to still the raging of the sea, accept the prayers of all your servants who commit their lives to the dangers of the sea and air.  In all their ways, enable them to serve you in a godly and faithful way, and in their Christian lives reflect your glory throughout the world.  Through all their journeys, watch over them that they may overcome evil, temptation or anything that harms their souls, so that through all the changes and chances of this life, you will bring them by your mercy to the sure promise of your everlasting kingdom, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


The Royal Marine's Prayer


O eternal Lord God, who through many generations has united and inspired the members of our Corps, grant your blessing, we beseech you, on Royal Marines serving all around the Globe.  Bestow your crown of righteousness upon all our efforts and endeavours, and may our laurels be those of gallantry and honour, loyalty and courage.  We ask these things in the name of him whose courage never failed, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


The Ship's Prayer


O Eternal Father, we pray for all who sail in this ship.  Unite us in the spirit of service and friendship and strengthen us that we may faithfully perform our duty.  We ask Thy blessing on those we love and pray that we have lasting peace through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.