1850 Squadron Photographs, Page 5

A Corsair of 1850 Squadron, above HMS. Vengeance 'goes around' after being waved off, near the Chinese Coast in 1945.

Corsairs from 1850 Squadron in flight over Hong Kong, late 1945. 116/A (KD 64?) S/L. T. Rickell. 130/A (KD 545) S/L. P. George. 124/A (KD 730) S/L. Greaves.

1850 Squadron Corsair 120/A (KD 837) preparing for Assisted Take-Off (ATO) on HMS. Vengeance on 25th December 1945.

An 1850 Sqdn. Corsair approaching the flight deck, crash barrier erected.

Cleaning the Flight Deck of rust and debris.

Organised clean-up operation. 1850 Sqdn. Corsair's in background.

1850 Sqdn. Corsair and 812 Sqdn. Barracuda on Flight Deck.

Brand new Lend/Lease Corsair, pushed over the side, early 1946.

1850 Squadron Corsair V8K (KD 725) on the 18th June 1946, off Trincomalee, Ceylon. Hook failed to engage trip wire and into No.1 Barrier. The aircraft never flew again and was ditched over the side of HMS. Vengeance on the 13th July 1946. Pilot S/L. D. Rouse.