H.M.S. Nabcatcher, R.N.A.S. Kai-Tak

(Monab VIII) Page 3.

'NabOdeon' the Cinema Screen and Projection Room, Kai-Tak Airfield.

The interior of 'NabOdeon' Projection Room.

The exterior of 'NabOdeon' Projection Room, adjacent to Parade Ground.

Ray M. Brant, Air Engineering Officer / Cinema Officer, RNAS. Kai-Tak, 25th December 1945.

Officer's of the Air Engineering Department, Kai-Tak Airfield, December 1945. Back Row (L to R) Berrie, Ellcock, Green, Brant. Front Row (L to R) Kaplan, Hardey, Lt.(RN) Senior Engineer Tuck, Lt.Cdr. RNVR - Air Engineering Officer Mitchell, Spindler, English, Hanlon.

'NabOdean' converted to 'indoor' cinema in 1946.

The aftermath of a Typhoon, Kai-Tak Airfield.

More devastation of the Typhoon, Kai-Tak Airfield.

Damaged Dorland Hangar after Typhoon, the missing canvas was never found.