Minas Gerais 1957 - 2000

Ex-HMS. Vengeance under reconstruction as Minas Gerais in Verolme United Shipyard, Rotterdam, Holland in July 1957.  The original island has been demolished.

The new island under construction at the Verolme shipyard.

The extent of the conversion in rebuilding the ship for the Brazilian Navy.

The first aircraft landing on Minas Gerais in the 1960's.

Minas Gerais at sea with escort.

Refuelling exercise from the starboard side of Minas Gerais.

Starboard side of Minas Gerais.

Brazilian Navy helicopter in camouflage colours on the flight deck. The rear pom-pom gun mounting can also be seen with echo finder.

Starboard side of island, with ship's name below the aerial mast and crest of Minas Gerais on the funnel.

View of Minas Gerais, starboard side, looking aft from a passing ship.

Another view of Minas Gerais as the passing ship turns to starboard and heads away.