'Items of Interest'

Some news cuttings relating to H.M.S. Vengeance, the training of British Royal Navy Pilots and a few other interesting artefacts:-


Obituary Notice - Captain Douglas Neame

Warships of bygone years

Days numbered for last Wartime Carrier

Last British WWII carrier to retire

Rescue bid for historic ship

Will she, won't she?

British flyers trained here for Japanese push

Maine trained British Pilots

World War II practice bomb detonated safely in Maine

FG-1D Corsair Cannon Shell

HMS. Vengeance Handbook

'Crossing the Line' Certificate 1945

812 Squadron Dance ticket

HMS. Vengeance Statistics documents from 1945

Map of Japanese P.O.W. Camps in Hong Kong, March 1945

Japanese Occupation Bank Notes

Japanese Naval Helmet

Japanese Memorial Tablet

Hong Kong Yacht Club, H.M.S. Vengeance Crest

HMS. Vengeance Christmas Cards - 1945

Silk Aircrew Escape Maps

1850 & 812 Squadron Reunions

Ship's bell to be restored

Easter Ross airfield control tower.......

Warship's bell shines again in foundry project

Brittanic Squadron News - 1949 Squadron

Mayday for the HMS Vengeance

Lack of buyer scuttles attempt to save second world war aircraft carrier

Sad end to symbol of city's liberation

War-era sailors battle to get ship's wheel back

Smog and traffic shock war veteran

Veterans save symbol of HK's liberation from war

Obituary Notice - Charles Wintringham

HMS. Vengeance Cutter crest

Alexandria Fleet Club

HMAS. Vengeance Ship's Farewell Ball

Farewell to Vengeance as Australian Carrier

Vengeance returns home

Last Daily Order for HMAS. Vengeance

Shipmates ahoy for Vengeance party

The Lady in White

Cape Town Old Time Music Hall

Visitor from Glasgow

Toasted Baby in Lime Juice

Guinea-pig sailors will risk the yarn

Outlook Arctic

A helicopter based on HMS. Vengeance.....

HMS. Vengeance Commissioning items

Salute to VJ Day after sixty years

Obituary Notice - Bevis Elliott

Obituary Notice - Derrick Brook

The Wingfoot Clan (Good Year)

Obituary Notice - John Morris-Jones

Other Artefacts