H.M.S. Gosling was a Fleet Air Arm Training Establishment at Risley, Near Warrington, Cheshire. Commissioned on the 1st July 1942, training Air Fitters, Air Mechanics, Radio Mechanics and Royal Marine Trainees of the Royal Naval Air Station Defence Force. It also included the Royal Marine Training Camp 'Lowton'. Additional accommodation for H.M.S. Gosling was commissioned as H.M.S. Aerial on 8th October 1942. H.M.S. Gosling was paid off on 31st March 1947. Below are the photo's of some of the Classes of 1943 -1944.

N.B. Not all persons in these photo's served aboard HMS. Vengeance or her Squadron's.

Camp/Course No. Unknown. March 1943. Eric Rayner (L/FX 110712) (front row 5th left to right)

Camp/Course No. Unknown. 17th May 1943. Ronald Pullinger (L/FX 56188) (middle row 2nd left to right)

Camp/Course No. Unknown. 1943. Les Southwell (L/FX 576527) Class Leader (front row 5th left to right). Petty Officer Mansfield (front row 6th left to right)

Camp No.4. Course No. 66J - 1943. Douglas Heath (L/FX 615653) (front row 9th left to right)

Camp No.4. Course No. Unknown. 17th November 1943. Arthur Brown (front row 8th left to right)

Camp No.111, Course No. 86-K3. 8th March 1944. Anthony Martin (L/FX 684867) (back row 1st left to right) Other names on photo: W.H. Wallbanks, S.E. Yarston, A. Sutherland, G.W. Toothill, Bing Bibby, W.G. Walton, V. Garmston, C. Coombes, D. Derby.

Camp No. 4, Course 86-D. 6th March 1944.  Wilfred Taylor (L/FX 684643) (front row seated 2nd left to right)

Camp No. 111, Course No. 87-E3. 14th March 1944. Cliff Hilton (L/FX 685060) (middle row 4th left to right)

Camp No. 111, Course No. 88-1. 21st March 1944. John Constable (L/FX 685575) (back row 7th left to right)

Camp No.111, Course No. 89-?. 27th March 1944. Ron Davis (L/FX 685807) (front row 4th left to right). Frederick Coombes (L/FX 685805) (middle row 2nd left to right).

Camp No.111, Course No. Unknown. March/April 1944. Arthur Gough (L/FX 686176) (front row 8th left to right)

Camp No. 4, Course 87-H. 14th March 1944. Arthur Hopgood (L/FX 685161) (back row l to r) Hopgood, Gill, Harrison, ?, Miller, Annette, ?, Jennings, ?, Jones, Henry, ?. (middle row l to r) Bartlett, Pyke, Frost, Iris, ?, Colburn, ?, Cooper, Humphreys, Tishaw, ?. (front row l to r) ?, Dyson, Cave, Stamp, ?, ?, ?, Jackson L/S., ?, ?, ?, ?.

Camp No. Unknown. Course 89-H-2. May 1944. Chris Claridge (back row 9th l to r).

Camp, Course No. & Date Unknown. Gordon Eley (11th front row l to r).

Camp/Course No. Unknown. May/June 1945. (back row l to r) W. Parrot, W. Logsdon, G.Hill, J. Larpey, T. Hancock, L. Batt L/AF/A, E. Gregan, L. ?, R. Hunter, L. Smith L/AF/A. (middle row l to r) C. Gilsom, F. England, H. Sibon, K. Wills, D. Hackhill, E. Hacker, J. Peir, R. Kelso, J. Donnell, I.McIntyre, D. Chalmers L/AF/A. (front row l to r) R. Campbell, F. McCaull, H. Sturdy AF/A, J. Charlton, J. Page, M. Davies, C. Roelich, C. Charles, ? Dickinson, D. Step L/AF/A, G. Hogguson.


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