H.M.S. Falcon - RNAS. Hal Far

Aerial view of HMS. Falcon, RNAS. Hal Far in 1945.

Plan of HMS. Falcon, RNAS. Hal Far, Malta.

HMS. Falcon, RNAS. Hal Far as it is today. Control Tower in background.

View of Control Tower at HMS. Falcon.

Another view of the Control Tower.

Nissan huts at Hal Far which are now used to house immigrants.

Kitchens and Mess Halls at HMS. Falcon.

Electricians and Radio Section Cabin at RNAS. Hal Far.

WRNS and Officer's Quarters, HMS. Falcon.

A new Industrial Development is built on the old airfield. Old perimeter track left and foreground.

This was one of the runways, now a road.