1850 Squadron Personnel - Page 6

Mess deck aboard HMS. Vengeance.

S/L. Peter Hodgson with Corsair KD 278 on board HMS. Vengeance between April and November 1945.

Pilot S/L. P. Hodgson (1850 Sqdn.) with QARNNS Sister A. Hippsley (left) and Nurse J. Walker (right) aboard HMS. Vengeance en-route from Leyte to Hong Kong, between the 2nd & 5th of September 1945.

1850 Squadron Group photo at Kai-Tak Airfield (RNAS. Kai-Tak) in late December 1945. (Second row seated l to r) R. Flint (AEO), D. Attenborough, T. Adkin, H. Burman, T. Stacey, G. Cathcart, D. Rouse, R. Bloxam, G. Hay (Admin), W. Waller, M. Hordern, R. Phillips, P. George, S. Borthwick, A. Rickell, E. Kiernan, S. Courtis, J. Jones, P. Hodgson.  E. Packer and R. Davis (front row seated, 8th & 10th left to right).

1850 Squadron pilots at Kai-Tak airfield in December 1945.  Back row (l to r) Syd Courtis, Peter Hodgson, Tim Adkin, Tom Stacey, Bert Burman, George Cathcart, Peter George. Middle row (l to r) David Attenborough, John Morris-Jones, Wilf Waller, Michael Hordern (C.O.), Dick Phillips, Eddie Kiernan, Willy Greaves. Front row (l to r) Ray Flint (AEO), Tony Rickell, Geoff Hay, Dick Bloxam, Stan Borthwick.

A mixture of No.1850 & No.812 Squadron personnel, taken at Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong in 1945.  (back row l to r) ?, * Miller (812), C. Morgan (812), H. Orton (812), G. Wilkinson (1850), ?. (2nd row standing l to r) ?, H. Smith (812), ?, ?, A. Fay (1850), ?. (1st row standing l to r) ?, C. Broadbent (1850), E. Packer (1850), R. Davis (1850), H. Horton (812), ?. (sitting l to r) E. Rayner (1850), S/L. ?, Lt. Boyle, P.O. Griffin (1850), E. Simonds (812). (front squatting l to r) * Charlton (1850), T. Murphy (812).

The 1850 Sqdn. Football team at Kai-Tak Airfield in 1945. Goalkeeper (centre, back row) Harold Searson who later played for Leeds United.  Henry Shelton (6th l to r, back row) in uniform.  Ken Whitaker (seated 5th l to r).

1850 Sqdn. air mechanics at Kai-Tak airfield in 1945. (back row l to r) D. Mann, Jim Parks, 'Loftie' Edwards, 'Geordie' Bains, 'Taff' Williamson. (middle row l to r) 'Logger' Wood, Stan Smith, Eric Rayner, Ken Reid. (front row l to r) W. 'Darkie' Dunbar, Bob. 'Monty' Banks, 'Ginger' Knight, Tommy Rainbow.

Alex Fay (left) and Tommy Rainbow, 1850 Squadron.

HMS. Nabcatcher, RNAS Kai-Tak, (Monab VIII). Dad is front row kneeling, (2nd. l to r). Taken between September and December 1945.

HMS. Nabcatcher, RNAS. Kai-Tak, (Monab VIII). Dad is (1st. l to r). Taken between September and December 1945.

Main Gate of No.2 P.O.W. Camp, (Sham Shui Po) Kowloon, Hong Kong in 1945. Dad is (2nd. l to r). 'Lion Rock' in background.

1850 Squadron personnel, taken at Kowloon City, Hong Kong in November 1945.  (Back row l to r): Bob Conway, L.T. Gould.  (Seated l to r): Ken Braham, Ken Reid.

Unknown, 1850 Squadron.