1850 Squadron Personnel - Page 4

S/L. R. Bloxam. (1850 Sqdn.)

S/L. S. Borthwick. (1849 & 1850 Sqdns.)

S/L. D. Attenborough. (1849 & 1850 Sqdns.)

S/L. J. Burt. (1850 Sqdn.)

S/L. S. Courtis. (1850 Sqdn.)

S/L. C. J. Macey. 1850 Squadron. Failed to return from a dawn formation practice in Clyde Approaches, Scotland on the 23rd February 1945. (H.M.S. Venerable).

S/L. R. Payne. (1850 Sqdn.)

S/L. P. George. (1849 & 1850 Sqdns.)

S/L. H. Burman. (1850 Sqdn.)

S/L. W. Blair. (1850 Sqdn.)

Air Mechanic (E) Alexander Fay, 1850 Squadron.

The flight deck party, HMS. Vengeance in 1945, taking it easy.

Off Gibraltar, en-route to Malta in 1945. 'Ginger' York of 1850 Sqdn. (2nd right. looking at camera) on flight deck. Barracuda of 812 Sqdn. to the right. Others unknown.