1850 Squadron Personnel

S/L's. George Cathcart, Vic (Tom) Stacey and Norman Shaw in Florida, 1944.

Group photograph of No.1850 Squadron at USNAS. Brunswick, Maine, USA., in August 1944.

1850 Squadron pilots at USNAS. Brunswick, Maine, USA., in August 1944.  Back row (l to r)  Cliff Macey, Bevis Elliott, Bert Burman, Don Attenborough, Dick Payne and Dick Bloxam.  Middle row (l to r)  Peter Hudson, John Morris-Jones, George Cathcart, Mr. N.E. 'Robbie' Robinson (Goodyear Rep.), Tom Stacey, Peter Hodgson and Eddie Kiernan.  Front row (l to r)  Syd Courtis, John Burt, Lt. Bill Drews (US Navy Liason Officer), Mike Hordern (C.O.), Dick Phillips (Senior Pilot), Bill Blair and Tim Adkin.

Fitter Maurice Satchell (1st l to r), Air Fitter (E) Leslie Phillips (3rd l to r) in Brunswick, Maine in 1944. Others unknown.

Royal Navy ratings take a break for a coffee in Brunswick, Maine, USA.

Group from 1850 Sqdn. at Brunswick, Maine, USA.  Armourer Eric Rayner (seated front row 4th l to r).

In the hangar at Brunswick, Maine in 1944.  Sandy, Jack 'Dusty' and Len Harvard find an oil leak on a Corsair.

Royal Navy ratings 'thumbing it' from Brunswick to Portland, Maine, USA in 1944.

Royal Navy and American sailors mix socially in the 'Stage Door Canteen', New York in June 1944.  Air Mechanic (E) Ken Reid 1850 Squadron third (l to r).

Armoury section NAS. Brunswick, USA. 'Lofty' Edwards, 'Yank' Barlow, Harry Davies, Ken Braham, Ken Hall, 'Coles' and Keith Bennett.

The crew of '5V10' (KD 174). Air Mechanic (E) Ken Reid (left).