South Africa Cruise (September 1948), Page 4

Peter Longhurst (Signals) aboard HMS. Vengeance.

Trafalgar Day Parade in Durban, November 1948.

Ship's Open Day to visitors in Cape Town, November 1948.

Sea Fury landing on HMS. Vengeance.

A Sea Fury (Q/100 - VR940) becomes another victim of the barrier.

Sea Fury (Q/108) looses his port side undercarriage on landing.

Sea Fury (Q/107) meets the first barrier.

Sea Fury (Q/107) then nose dives through the barrier.

Sea Vampires on the flight deck of HMS. Vengeance.

A Sea Vampire on the deck of HMS. Vengeance.

Air Mechanics aboard HMS. Vengeance.  Names unknown.


Note: Video Only - No Sound