812 812 Royal Navy Squadron
1850 1850 Royal Navy Fighter Squadron
A Deck letter of H.M.S. Vengeance (1945 - 1948)
(A) Airframes (Air Mechanic)
ADDL's Aerodrome Dummy Deck Landings
Adm. / ADM Admiral / Admiralty
A 11 Minas Gerais (Marina do Brasil)
AEO Air Engineering Officer
AI's Admiralty's Instructions
BPF British Pacific Fleet
(C) Catering
Capt. Captain
Cdr. Commander
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CJX Chatham, prefix to service number
CWGC Commonwealth War Graves Commission
DLT's Deck Landing Trials
(E) Engines (Air Mechanic) / Engineer (Marine)
EIF East Indies Fleet
FAA Fleet Air Arm
FG-1D / F4U-1D Chance Vought Corsair aircraft
FR.I / FR.II Fairey Firefly aircraft
(G) Gunnery
(GD) General Duties
H.M.S. His / Her Majestys Ship
H.M.A.S. His / Her Majestys Australian Ship
IWM Imperial War Museum
KR's Kings Regulations
(L) Electrician (Air Mechanic)
LFX Lee-on-Solent, Fleet Air Arm prefix to service number
Lt. Lieutenant
Lt. Cdr. Lieutenant Commander
Mid. Midshipman
Mk.II Fairey Barracuda aircraft
M.O.N.A.B. Mobile Naval Air Base
N Deck letter of H.M.S. Vengeance (1944 - 1945)
NA Naval Airman
NAM Naval Air Mechanic
(O) Ordnance (Air Mechanic)
(Ob) Observer
(P) Pilot
PO Petty Officer
PMX Portsmouth, prefix to service number
(R) Radar / Radio / Regulating
R.04 H.M.S. Venerable
R.71 H.M.S. Vengeance
R.A.A.F. Royal Australian Air Force
R.A.F. Royal Air Force
R.A.N. Royal Australian Navy
R.C.A.F. Royal Canadian Air Force
R.M. Royal Marines
R.N. Royal Navy
R.N.A.D.C. Royal Naval Aircraft Direction Centre
R.N.A.E. Royal Naval Air Establishment
R.N.A.S. Royal Naval Air Station
R.N.A.T.E. Royal Naval Aircraft Training Establishment
R.N.A.Y. Royal Naval Air Yard
R.N.A.M.Y. Royal Naval Aircraft Maintenance Yard
R.N.A.R.Y. Royal Naval Aircraft Repair Yard
R.N.H. Royal Naval Hospital
R.N.T.E. Royal Naval Training Establishment
R.N.V.R. Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve
R.N.Z.N.V.R. Royal New Zealand Navy Voluntary Reserve
(S) Supply & Secretariat
(T) Torpedomen
T.A.M.Y. Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard
S/L. or  Sub.Lt. Sub Lieutenant
(TAG) Telegraphist Air Gunner
U.S.N.A.S. United States Naval Air Station
U.S.N.A.F. United States Naval Air Facility
(W) Writer