812 Squadron Personnel, Page 6

John Dickson and Bob Roseveare at HMS. Ukussa, RNAS. Katukurunda, Ceylon in April 1946.

Petty Officer's of 812 Squadron at HMS. Ukussa, RNAS. Katukurunda, Ceylon, in 1946. Back Row (l to r) Gordon Theaker, George King, 'Taff' Davies, Allan Morris, ?. Edwards, Dave Mainwaring. Front Row (l to r) Ernie Ross, ?. Birch, 'Curly' Banks, Charles 'Jock' Davidson, Dick Mauger.

Firefly V4C (MB 471) at HMS. Ukussa, RNAS. Katukurunda, Ceylon on 14th May 1946. S/L. J. Cookson in cockpit, S/L. J. Dickson on wing and S/L. R. Parton on ground.

Squadron dispersal at HMS. Ukussa, RNAS. Katukurunda, Ceylon in May 1946. (left to right): Chief Cottle, 'Mush' Taylor, 'Stormy' Fairweather, John Dickson, Reg Parton and Johnny Cookson.

Sub. Lt. Leslie Robinson (left).  Observer unknown.  Photo possibly taken at HMS. Ukussa, RNAS. Katukutrunda, Ceylon between the 7th April and 14th July 1946.

Firefly FR.1, V4K (MB 535) on HMS. Vengeance in the Red Sea in July 1946. S/L. J. 'Dickie' Dickson (P) in cockpit, S/L. S. 'Sid' Johnson (O) standing on wing, with Rigger Ken Gillingham and Fitter Milnes sitting on wing.

S/L. J. Dickson with a Firefly FR.1 on HMS. Vengeance in July 1946. 812 Squadron Crest on tail of aircraft.

812 Squadron aircrew aboard HMS. Vengeance en-route from Malta to Gibraltar on 4th August 1946.  Back row: (l to r) D. James (P), D. Harris (P), ?. Spanton (?), ?. Steel (?), ?. Hunt (?), G. 'Tom' Stride (P), H. Hawkesworth (P), P. Pritchett (O), ?. 'Barney' Barron (P) and ?. Hodgson (?).  Sitting: (l to r)  S. 'Sid' Johnson (O), R. 'Rob' Roseveare (O), D. Rice (O), ?. Cooper (?), Lt. Cdr. R. 'Ropey' Wynne-Roberts (C.O.)(P), ?. 'Pinky' Windle (P), R. Parton (P), J. Dickson (P) and D. Fairweather (P).  Squatting: (l to r) J. Butterworth (P) and L. Robinson (P).

Sub. Lt. Leslie Robinson (P) aboard HMS. Vengeance in a Firefly FR1.  The Mast of HMS. Vengeance is in the background.


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