'Dex aie' - God aid

'No.812 Royal Navy Squadron'

Squadron Bases at a glance

(1st June 1944 to 12th August 1946)


Reformed at H.M.S. BLACKCAP, Stretton: 1st June 1944.

H.M.S. JACKDAW, Crail, Fife, Scotland: 28th June 1944.

H.M.S. RINGTAIL, Burscough, Lancashire: 7th September 1944.

H.M.S. OWL, Fearn, Highlands, Scotland: 10th November 1944.

H.M.S. CORNCRAKE, Ballyhalbert, Co. Down, N.Ireland: 5th January 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 26th January 1945.

H.M.S. WAGTAIL, Ayr, Scotland (Dt 5) : 2nd to 10th February 1945.

H.M.S. WAGTAIL, Ayr, Scotland: 10th February 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 27th February 1945.

H.M.S. FALCON, R.N.A.S. Hal Far, Malta 20th March 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 23rd April 1945.

H.M.S. UKUSSA Katukurunda, Ceylon: 8th June 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 4th July 1945.

H.M.S. NABSWICK, Jervis Bay, Australia: (MONAB V). 22nd July 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 13th August 1945.

H.M.S. NABARON, Ponam, Manus, Admiralty Isles: (MONAB IV). 28th to 30th August 1945.

H.M.S. NABCATCHER, Kai-Tak, Kowloon, Hong Kong: 8th September 1945.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 20th December 1945.

H.M.S. NABTHORPE, Schofields, Sydney, Australia: (MONAB III). 12th January 1946.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 19th March 1946.

H.M.S. UKUSSA Katukurunda, Ceylon: 7th April 1946.

H.M.S. VENGEANCE: 15th July 1946.

Squadron disbanded on arrival in U.K. on 12th August 1946.


Squadron Commanding Officer's

(5th June 1944 to 12th August 1946)

L/C. (A) C.R.J. Coxon R.N. from the 5th June 1944 to 24th January 1946.

L/C. (A) D.M.R. Wynne-Roberts R.N. from the 25th January 1946 to 12th August 1946.


No.812 Squadron Aircraft Coding

(1st June 1944 to 12th August 1946)

Barracuda II's: N1A+, to 370-381/A by October 1945.

Fairey Firefly FR.1's: V4A+, to 270-281/M:N by March 1946.