812 Squadron Personnel, Page 5

A mixture of No.812 & No.1850 Squadron personnel, taken at Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong in 1945.  Back Row (l to r) ?, * Miller (812), C. Morgan (812), H. Orton (812), G. Wilkinson (1850), ?. 2nd Row Standing (l to r) ?, H. Smith (812), ?, ?, A. Fay (1850), ?. 1st Row Standing (l to r) ?, C. Broadbent (1850), E. Packer (1850), R. Davis (1850), H. Horton (812), ?. Sitting (l to r) E. Rayner (1850), S/L. ?, Lt. Boyle, P.O. Griffin (1850), E. Simonds (812). Front Squatting (l to r) * Charlton (1850), T. Murphy (812).

812 Squadron at Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong in 1945. Trevor Murphy (first row standing, 6th l to r), Charles 'Chuck' Whitehouse (second row standing, 2nd l to r), Lt. Robert Tobias (O) (seated, 4th l to r), Keith Bennett (seated, 6th l to r). Others unknown.

812 Squadron personnel with Japanese POW's from Sham Shui Po POW camp at Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Date and persons unknown.

Taking it easy outside Kowloon Flats, Hong Kong in 1945. Persons unknown.

Charles Morgan (left) and Sheff Holmes. Date and location unknown.

Air Mechanic Charles 'Chuck' Whitehouse. Date and location unknown.

S/L. A. Cross (Observer) at Katooma, New South Wales, Australia in January 1946.

Alec Britain, Airframe Artificer 812 Sqdn.  Date and location unknown.

Alec Britain (seated).  Others, date and location unknown.

(5th left to right) Alec Britain.  Photo taken in Sydney, Australia.  Others and date unknown.